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~He Wants to Dance with Me~ {Xeno-fic}

Title: "He wants to dance with me"
Fandom: Xenogears
Pairing: Sigurd and Hyuga
Comments: This is a sequal to For the Longest Time because it was asking itself to be written. Yet another deeper exploration into Jugend-era Xenogears. Inspired by the song She Wants to Dance which is an old dancey 80s song by Rick Astley. I did not want to concentrate this on any sort of confession because the song that came on was very light and airy so Sigurd's introspection was very casual though a trifle serious. After all it's going a bit further into a pairing that I am constantly amazed by my growing love for it. Really if I could write out every little thought that occurs to me with this pairing, I think I'd have War and Peace written out by now. Enjoy.

"There's a girl I've been meaning to see
And I really got a feeling that she likes me
Cause she said so, but not in so many words
I've got to tell you what I heard.
She don't want no wild romance,
When she's with me.. she only wants to dance."
-She Wants to Dance by Rick Astley.

Gathered around the bar table, the four Elements of Jugend. Hyuga, Sigurd, Kahr and Jesiah sitting there lounging and relaxing on a saturday night. Two dragged out against their better judgement, the other two enjoying the nightlife. Though to be fair it was a balmy evening due to the trusty Solarian Weather Control System. Sigurd lounged back, having resisted the urge to get up and dance. His eyes trained ever so subtly on Hyuga. He knew that he had to play it cool, he had to be smooth and forget all about the previous friday evening. Though they had passed the night in each others arms, nothing had happened. Sigurd had been tempted to bring it up, however he knew that Hyuga had been expecting it. Certain that the anticipation would colour his answer, Sigurd decided to for once let caution shade his steps to Hyuga's heart.

But before he had passed out, he had caught the shimmer of -something- in Hyuga's eyes, a slight vulnerability that made him ache. He was aware of the loss his roommate and partner had faced and he wanted somehow to balm it, wanted to take away whatever fears that lurked in the depths of Hyu's soul.

When Hyuga offered to refresh their drinks and left the table, he sat forward and rested his arms ontop of the table edge, regarding the other guy's retreating form as if calculating every single little movement and ingraining it upon his memory for later. He watched Hyuga systematically cast their orders in, conversing amiably with the bartender. Hyuga was not shy except in spaces and could be just as charismatic as the rest of the Elements though he did not make charm his byword. No, charm was just a casual afterthought.

There was a nudge to his side and he looked over, flicking that stray lock of hair out of his eyes. He saw Jesiah's blue eyes flicker at him and he inclined his head a tad. "Eh?" But he coupled it with a grin.

"Stop lookin' at Hyu like that unless you intend to do something about it.." Jesiah said rather practically as he twitched the cigarette between his lips, taking a slow drag.

"What? Was I looking?"

"Course you were, you were looking at him like a potential hook-up. I've seen you eye others like that." Jesiah nodded with a smirk. "You aren't planning on ruining the dynamic of the team, are you?"

Sigurd did not answer though in any other situation he would of been ready with an answer. Normally hot headed, but there was something about the Water Element that made him think. Made him consider his actions. Perhaps because there was a part of him that wanted to impress the other guy. He saw all that Hyuga was, calm.. logical.. patient. And he wanted to be all of that so that Hyuga would be approving.

Was it a hook-up? Somehow Sigurd did not want that to be so. Hook-up and Hyuga did not go together in his mind. A hook-up was something almost transistory like a glass of champagne that once drunk was not refilled. His heart gave a soft little clench as he realized that he did not want something as fleeting as that.

"Nah, I'm not planning on doing anything that will ruin things for the mission.." Sigurd said as he tapped his fingers against the table and waited for Hyuga to get back with his whiskey sour. Seeing Hyuga walk back with a tray that was covered with drinks for the four made Sigurd smile and he thought perhaps he would ask Hyuga to dance. He had never seen Hyuga dance with anyone and he idly pondered if Hyuga would refuse him. But it was better to find out, the very worst case scenario was rejection and that was something that he had always been able to bounce back from.

"Good, then do whatcha want." Jesiah whispered before Hyuga set the tray on the table, he reached for his straight whiskey and downed it and then nudged Sigurd underneath the table.

"I procured everything that you wanted, I swear Jesiah, you might drink this bar out of all of it's whiskey supply and in which case you would have nothing to drink for tomorrow..." Hyuga started to take his seat, however a hand underneath his elbow stopped him from sitting down fully. Looking over his shoulder he saw Sigurd standing at his side, he looked a bit confused and that made Sigurd strangely giddy. It was not every day that one could take Hyuga Ricdeau for a surprise.

"Dance with me?" Sigurd leaned in very close, close enough that his lips brushed against an earlobe and sent a whispering request so charming in it's candor.

"You want to.. dance with me?" Hyuga looked even more surprised if that was all possible.

"Of course, silly.. now come.." Sigurd started pulling before Hyuga could say anything, dragging him out to the dance floor with absolutely no intention of letting go. A backwards look over his shoulder and he caught the wide grin that Kahr shot him as well as the thumbs up that Jesiah flashed his way. He felt strangely exultant.

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