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~It's so cold outside, won't you hold me for awhile~

What I love about Level C (the manga, not the anime) is the fact that it is so DIRTY. I don't know, I like plot.. but sometimes there are certain series where I come to expect them doing it at least 8 times per volume. Level C is one of them. Yes, I love Level C.. and each time they do it.. that's 10 pages of pure smut right there. It's like a childlike tendancy to bury your french fries in ketchup. Sometimes it's nice to use moderation, but then sometimes you just want it messy.

*saunters off with my Level C and giggles hysterically*

But I do support plot too.. and while the uke is not appealing to me. I am not looking at the uke's face unless cum is oozing out of the mouth. >.> Level C is SOLELY for smut in my mind.
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