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More about my day at work after I kick back, relax and download really CHEESY 80s songs.    Because I am in a sappy mood.    I would say that I need a girlfriend, when in theory I don't.   I am enjoying my romantic independance way too much.   However when I finally put myself up on the dating market, you guys(girls) will be the first one to know.   I might make people fill out an app to date me or something..  hehe.. that would be amusing.

Oh yes, I am the Cook's favorite at Pizza Etc.    I was given the best compliment.   She told me that I was such a diligent and hard worker, that I always did tasks with a smile and that she adored me.   That made me happy, and I know for a fact that she is a VERY difficult and exactly woman.   She doesn't get along with even 75 percent of the people who work there, and I am apart of the 25 percent, that makes me happy.

She made me take home a pizza for free.  >.>   I don't know what's on it, I haven't checked.   I'll eat it later.

I hope to have plans finalized so we can decide if we are going to Disneyworld or not.  (I've never been to Disneyworld.. however Alexi will be pleased to note the Living Seas since he is a big aquatic-life person.. and if we don't go to Disney Animal Kingdom, he might shoot me in the faec.

It's always a happy day when the song of Nephilim starts playing.   I keep expecting Albedo to come out of the computer to rape some loli/shota.


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