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~Halloween Vacation Ranting~

And now I need to figure out which would be cheaper to go to. Disneyworld, Disneyland Paris or Disneyland Tokyo. This is for the annual halloween vacation. Of course I am a whore for the Grand Floridian.. so if we go to Disneyworld, I am going to want to stay at least ONE night there... but going to Japan wouldn't be too shabby either. >.>

Last year was KY (ahahaha I said KY.. *sporfles*) That is almost as good as what Jin REALLY puts in his cereal. *nudges shuufish. Inside jokes rawk.

Now to get out my calculator. I am either pulling for Paris or Tokyo though. (If we go to Paris, I am going to INSIST we go to the Lourve and Versailles.)
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