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~Ficbit time: Xenogears "For the Longest Time"~

Fandom: Xenogears
Pairing: Hyuga and Sigurd
Title: "For the Longest Time"
Comment: This is apart of my ploy to write a little something every day that is not RP. I really need to stretch my writing muscles. So I am going to take a song from my playlist and I am going to write something loosely based on it. (Since music is a deep source of inspiration for me.). So yes this song came up and I saw Sigurd and Hyuga of Jugend Era. Did I ever tell anyone how Jugend Ex Elements Era of Xenogears makes me hard. Sigurd, Hyuga, Jesiah and Kahr as teenagers. (Well Jesiah was not a teenager, he was around 20 when the other Elements were 16/17 by my approximations). They had such great dynamics and well I always like to explore Hyuga before he became The Guardian Angel of Solaris and Citan Uzuki. I do not think he was always so confident. Especially not in matters of the heart. And in my mind, Hyuga and Sigurd's hook-up was perhaps less then perfect.. but perhaps it was perfect for them. (crossposted to shitan)

"I don't care what consequence it brings
I have been a fool for lesser things
I want you so bad..
I think you ought to know that I intend to hold you for the longest time."

- For the Longest Time by Billy Joel.

Unlike Hyuga, Sigurd was not by any means trying to fight the growing attraction between himself and the Water Element. He could feel it everything they did, every miniscule touch. Their aquaintanceship had lasted for a good two years ago, and their friendship at least one of those. Now Sigurd had always been extremely hard to pin down, always flittering from romantic entanglement to romantic entanglement with no care of anything else but momentary bliss. But there was something about Hyuga that had always fascinated him. Was it the way that Hyuga could analyze a situation and balm it with ease? Perhaps it was the way that Hyuga looked when he was completely obsessed with something, that scrunch of the nose, the enthusiastic eyes sparkling... or was it now with Hyuga's arm around his waist as he stumbled back to their shared room with a full night's drinking underneath his bed. Good old Hyuga, always acting so responsibly and protectively. In a daze Sigurd watched as Hyuga settled him down on his bed and then went over to the sink to get out a glass.

"Sigurd, I must insist that you drink this or else you shall get a hangover, and I really do not cherish thoughts of being woken up by your groaning in the morning." Hyuga murmured as he filled up the glass of water and then crossed over it to press the rim of the glass to Sigurd's lips.

"Hyu.. you're too good to me.." Sigurd parted his lips to accept the water while his arms reached around to grab the Water Element around the waist, attempting to pull him onto his lap with little results. The water that had been trying to slip past his lips ended up going down his chin and down onto his black belly shirt. "Intelligent, motherly.. man I miss my mother.. and kinda cute. You, not my mother though she was really gorgeous!" Sigurd talked in circles, somewhat similar to how he had weaved his way back to the dorm room.

"I am afraid you and Jesiah have quite overdone it this time." Hyuga said as he tried not to lose his balance and send himself toppling down atop Sigurd. "Spouting poppycock like that.."

"Don't you believe you're cute?" Sigurd said as he tried to tug backward and instead got more water splashed upon his face, but he did not mind. He would of only minded had it been ice water, and it was no such thing. "Because you are.. I could really go for a guy like you." Sigurd said with a playful grin.

"You must say that to -all- of your fanclub." Hyuga huffed however he had not calculate on Sigurd trying to tug and lost his balance, sending them both sprawling onto the bed. The glass Hyuga shoved aside so it wouldn't clunk against Sigurd's face, his protective instincts coming out in full force.

"Nah, I don't really speak to them if you know what I mean.." Sigurd said with an impish grin as he leaned upward to try to catch Hyuga's lips and instead got a cheek as Hyuga turned his head away. The cheek was not so bad either, and so he focused on that, nuzzling and thinking that the faintest scent of green tea was sort of arousing. "I know you're attracted to me, I can sense it."

"Why are we having this conversation while you are drunk? You hardly know what you are saying in this state that you are in." Hyuga said though he did know that there was truth in alchohol, he did not want to change a friendship that had meant the world to him in the past year. And ever since his family had been killed by the plauge in the slaves quarters, well he had tried not to get close to anyone for fear of the eventual loss.

Sigurd stilled, looking a complete puppy with the silvery lock of hair plastered to his cheek by the splash of water, water that when tossed aside had left a rather large wet spot on his bed. Sigurd decided to leave off the serious because there was a little something in Hyuga's eyes that he did not press, instead he reached up and brushed his fingertips against Hyuga's cheek. "I don't wanna sleep in the wet spot tonight.. can I sleep with you?"

"I should make you sleep in it because you are the one who did it in the first pace.." Hyuga said, and then suddenly his eyes softened just a bit. "But I will not. Very well, you may sleep with me, however you had better keep your hands to yourself, or I shall smother you with your own drenched pillow.." Hyuga threatened but it was an empty threat, especially when it was nothing to scoff at to be able to wake up in Sigurd's arms.

"Mmmmm I would die happy then." Sigurd said as he tried to gnaw on Hyuga's clothed shoulders as if trying to tear through clothes to reach skin in a particularly horny gesture that was all according to the alchohol and owed nothing whatsoever to common sense. "I still think we should go on a date, I will take you out to an expensive resturant and then we can go get ice cream or something.."

"If you remember in the morning then I may consider it." Hyuga said as he tried to pull himself up so that he could drag Sigurd over to his bed. "But you shall have to mention because I will not."

Sigurd promised that he would remember it, even if he had to run it through his mind like a sacred mantra. So as he was hauled over to Hyuga's bed, propped up by Hyuga's lithe strength, he kept thinking over and over in his mind ~Date with Hyu.. Date with Hyu~ and praying that he would remember it. Nightclothes were not a necessity and before Hyuga could get up to get their pj's, Sigurd had pulled Hyuga back, wrapped his arms and legs around the Water Element and proceeded to use him as a body pillow.

He felt certain that holding Hyuga through the night would help him to remember in the morning and despite the slight wiggles and nudges, he did not let go, proving that in his sleep he intended to hold Hyuga for the longest time.

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