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~The one in which Hyu talks about the music of the Xeno-series~

Xenogears Hands down the best music of the series.. because whenever I hear Bonds of Sea and Fire (Allusions to Sigurd and Hyuga.. perhaps..) or We the Wounded Shall Advance Into the Light I get a trifle weepy. The music is quinnessential to the game, and the music is very fitting of Citan Uzuki's quote right at the beginning of the game, the whole "Music is a mysterious Sometimes, it makes people remember things that they do not expect. Many thoughts, feelings, memories... things almost forgotten... Regardless of whether the listener desires to remember them or not..." Because the music -does- stick with you. Yasunori did an EXCELLENT job with this game. From the chills you get when you hear "Jaws of Ice" when you are going through Solaris... to the happy Chu-Chu song, The Sky, The Clouds, and You and then Shevat: The Wind is Calling which is eerily akin to the Zeal theme from Chrono Trigger.

Each character, each town has it's own song to set it apart. Gods thank Yasunori Mitsuda and the Two Disc Xenogears OST. (Oh and let's not forget Creid, Creid kicks all the kids around the schoolyard and then laughs at them.. BUT WITH OCARINAS AND PERCUSSIONS!)

However in Xenosaga I.. the music sort of left me lacking. The two image songs were certainly no "Small of Two Pieces" or "Star of Tears". Granted they were gorgeous songs and they perhaps fit the storyline for the time since alot of the game was on Shion and her sex toyANDROID, Kos-Mos (The ending scene proved to alot of people that there is only one person in Shion's life and that is KOS-MOS. Shoujo-ai up the whoohoo.).

Now Xenosaga II. I know there was ALOT of people that did not like Yuki Kaijura's musical direction toward Xenosaga.. But it was excellent. I heard the Main Theme first and it was the song that got me to go, "DAMN I NEED TO GET MY HANDS ON THIS GAME" (Along with uzukisaru fanfagging Jin). It is the perfect combination of slow and fast. The chanting is definitely an energizer and you find yourself bobbing your head in response to it. Build up and Climax. My love for the music only heightened when I heard Jin's song. In Xenogears, Citan/Hyuga's song is Valley Where the Wind is Born and it cues up when you enter the yard to the Uzuki Residence. But essentially it is just the Uzuki song I think.. (I have a lovely OC remix where they use pianos and violins.. truly elegant). Well in XSII, Jin's song cues up.. and I squeal because it involves... SPANISH GUITARS. (Why do I have the feeling that Squaresoft and Monolith took everything I liked in bishounen and created Citan and Jin for me to fanfag over? I think so). Jin and Margulis's fight song was a remix of the Main Theme.. and Sweet Song the Ending Theme was beautiful as well.. giving you a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention the lyrics were poignant and could of applied to any character relationship in the game. (Unlike Small of Two Pieces which you got the feeling was almost solely a Fei/Elly song unless you made it otherwise).


Xenogears: A+
Xenosaga I: B-
Xenosaga II: A

I am not hoping to be impressed by the next game's music, but I would like it if they kept Kaijura as the composer. Oh gods I hope. *crosses fingers*

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