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Schala stood cloaked by the forest, glancing at the lighted Cottage that was Grehaun. It was a symbol of Kelvin's love for her, he had built it himself, for her and for the children that they had hoped to fill the house with. At that point in time she had just been a simple mystic and he buy a humble yet renowned minstrel. There was nothing for her to lose and yet everything to gain. She had mourned the death of her husband, Magus but then knew that she had to move on, move on with her life as he would of wanted her to even though she kept his memory in her heart.

It had not been Kelvin's face she had seen while they were making love.. neither had it been Joesphs.. or each subsequent man afterwards.. it had been her Magus, her soulmate who she saw when she closed her eyes. A love strong enough to transcend the grasp of death yet proved as unfufilling as november rain.

"Thank you for coming home,
Sorry that the tears are all wrong..
I left them here I could of sworn
These are my salad days,
Slowly being eaten away..
Just another play for today."

Would she ever die... truly die without fear of coming back to life. Or would it be a vicious cycle... being brought back over and over as it suited the Elementals. There was no rest for Schala, of that she was all too aware of. A soft smile caressed her lips, for she didn't mind, not truly.. it was a pleasure to serve the Elementals, even through everything she had expirienced, the deaths, the betrayals. It was worth it when she looked upon her beautiful children.. sweet and smiling Magus jr, tiny laughing Amethyst and silent comtemplative Jonathyn.. both babes in the crib.. Silver with the weight of the world on his shoulder, Cedar who was studying in New Enhasa right now, Julian and Aelith.. both having yet to be born yet she could see them in her future.. and Kyriana who combined both Bainbridge with Grehaun.

All of them were legacies.. legacies of her expiriences. However her favorite, Magus.. the child that was the seed of her and Magus's love. She never showed the others that he was her favorite, but in Magus she saw much of the father.. of the Zeal in him. The way he acted, always diplomatic, always observing.. she loved him the best.

"Oh but I'm proud of you, but I'm proud of you.
Nothing left to make me feel small,
Luck has left me standing so tall.."

Schala took a deep breath and turned her back to the sight before her, she couldn't go home, not yet.. not when she had things to do.. however she so wanted to see Amethyst and Jonathyn.. hold them in her arms once again and croon ancient songs of Sylvia to them.. and perhaps she would.. however she hoped that her presence was once again felt.. she hated surprises and so did most Bainbridges.. she would give a few days for her presence to sink in.

Her back turned against Grehaun Manor and she started walking toward Graiestones where the graveyard lay... she had to look on the past.. look on everything that came before. The shrine to her and Magus were there.. she had to cast her eyes to her husband in soul even though she knew it would undeniably hurt her.. make her long for what could never be..

Always believe in your soul,
You've got the power to know,
You're indesctructible.
Always believing
Cause you are gold!
Now that you're bound to return,
There's something I could of learned..
You're indestructible.
Always believing"

Ever surviving, ever striving. That was Schala.. the essence of her. Nothing could break her though everything tried. And if there was anything that her children had learned, it was the art of survival at all cost, even though she had thereby done a wonderful job of shielding them from the pains and sorrows of the world and the elemental.. well except Magus. But this was his test time, and he would rise above it all.. he had her and Magus's blood.

Schala paid homage to Kelvin's grave before moving on to Magus's grave. Looking at the startling likeness of his statue, the hair that was carven stone instead of every color of the rainbow, eyes closed in contemplation. A brief sigh touched her lips as her fingres reached to trace against the cheek of the stone statue. Cold to the touch, cold forever more. He was lost to her, even in the afterlife she could never have him.. for their souls.. were siblings. Forbidden had been that union even before the knowledge came out.

"After the rush has gone,
I hope you find a little more time,
Remember we were partners in crime.
Its only 2 years ago..
The man with the suit and the face,
We knew he was there on the case."

The worst thing, there had been other men.. many others.. ones that had tried their hardest to be all to Schala what she needed however there was only one that could fill that gaping void in her soul.. forbidden or not. Without him, she was only half living.. with him, her heart was rent to pieces, whole yet bleeding.

Tears ran from her eyes, in a private testimony to her weakness. She was never weak in front of others.. only when she was alone did she let the overwhelmed feeling take over her. She fell to her knees in front of the statue and pressed her cheek against the nameplate that read, Magus Lucian Zeal.. loved by Schala Those words were the truth.. loved -and- remembered.

"Now he's in love with you, he's in love with you.
Love is like a hard prison wall,
And you could leave me standing so tall."

She couldn't cry for yesterday though.. for the future lay like a path lit with the insecurities and fears of the past, to cry for very long would be to make the path much harder then it actually was.

She could cry now though. This small moment in time when nothing else mattered. Her heart could mourn in peace, knowing that it would be much stronger for this display of weakness. Every wall forged by the defenses of her silent tears... they made her mission bearable, her path clearer.

Always believe in your soul,
You've got the power to know,
You're indestructible..
Always believing
Cause you are gold!
I am glad that you're bound to return
Something I could of learned.
You're indestructible..
Always believing."

When she walked away, she left everything at Magus's grave.. her emotions, her tears.. they would not fall to freely anymore.. at least until the next visit. She left the memories behind, yet there at the grave one thing remained...

..Her heart.

"Gold" by Spandau Ballet

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