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~Picture of the Day~

Alright, this is in no way pr0ny or anything, however this is my alltime favorite crack-pairing. And it was INSPIRED by this very picture. Some of you can guess which pairing this is (Hint: It -is- Xenogears) but well this picture, when I first saw the heart.. I was like. "THAT IS LOVE!" and so I ran with it.

Emperor Cain x Hyuga Ricdeau.

Because Emperor Cain needs tons of love.. and Hyuga, well the clueless expression on Hyuga's face when his liege fangirls him. Ahahahahaha.. I love it. Yes, Xeno is Love.

I think that if reynardfox clicks on the link, she may be scarred for life. (I tend to scar her.. unfortuantely.. le sigh)
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