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~Ficbit: "Cherish" Xenogears (Sigurd and Hyuga)~

Title: Cherish
Fandom: Xenogears
Pairing: Hyuga Ricdeau/Sigurd Harcourt
Comment: Hyuga muse was prodding me to write it. He woke up and said that he wanted to write something for Sigurd. And so he did.. and I really could not do anything about it. I just started writing until he was happy. This is supposed to be a pressie ficbit for shuufish's Sigurd muse. Now to go post it to shitan *once again exults in getting Citan's japanese name as a journal name*

Crossposted to shitan and hyuricdeau

"The world is always changing, nothing stays the same
My love will stand the test of time
The next life that we live in remains to be seen..
Will you be by my side?"
-Cherish by Kool and the Gang

A whisper of silk against skin and Hyuga shifted in the bed that they shared. The morning light was just touching the underside of the blinds, making the light far more forgiving then it normally was. It was perhaps two hours past when he usually got up, and yet somehow in situations like these, he found it 'alright' to linger here underneath the covers with the warm body pressed against his back and soft steady and sleepy breathing grazing against his ear and tickling the locks around it.

An arm was drapped against his hip, lingering with very little pressure yet still securely holding in slumber. A shifting of his body sent those arms instinctively loosen, only to tighten, as if the man behind them would let Hyuga shift but never leave. Hyuga preferred it that way for it meant he was quite simply.. cherished. The very thought made him glow with a flush that started at the heart and worked it's way ever slowly but surely outward.


No matter what, no matter how strong he knew himself to ultimately be.. there was something about being in Sigurd's arms that made him feel like he was protected. Like nothing could wound or hurt him. And in Sigurd's arms, he realized that he did not have to be emotionally strong all the time, that he could sink and lose himself for a few precious moments and with no one the wiser for the momentary lapse.

And because of the feeling, he wanted to prolong it. A few more singular moments of this would not be amiss. And so he settled back into those arms, only to be drawn into them more perfectly as if he had been born for his lover's embrace. Lids falling shut, he felt himself drowse, surrounded by dappled sunlight and Sigurd's scent.

It is not so bad.. to be cherished..

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