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~Went out to Weed the Backyard~

And there is a nest of yellow jackets back there caught in one of the weeds. I hate weeding, I hate yards.. I would just be better served to mow. Urk. And every time I go out to pull weeds, I get an allergy attack which makes the process -very- slow.. (hence why I avoid doing it at all costs..) So the solution. Buy a shovel, buy a long sleeved -something- and secondly stock up on Benedryl. I'm probably going to do alot of hte weeding at night. It's not going to be perfect when Alexi gets back because I am horrible at yardwork. However I am going to endeavor to do my best.. and if he's not happy when he gets back.. well he knows how plants and ground hate me. (The allergy attacks don't help either.) But I am going to go to D&B tomorrow, get a shovel and get a hoe or spade and commence massive overhaul of the weeds in the backyard.. AND NOT FORGETTING BENADRYL! (I don't want a repeat of today when I came back in and my eyes itched so bad that they were almost swollen shut..)

So how is everyond doing today if I might ask?
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