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I have not been that drunk in years. I mean usually I maintain a very nice buzz but last night, last night I was totally smashed. I was almost not even lucid, it was all very surreal. But it was great for several reasons. None of which I will disclose. Needless to say, I am a bit out of it mentally, but I think that is just my brain cells -trying- to come back. I always have the best conversations when I am drunk. So anyways I also have some Mariah Carey music on my computer because I realized that I LOVED her first CD and I was sorry that the albums following that kinda sucked. The things that will ephihney themselves while you are smashed, eh?

Now I think I need some foodage. *dials up Jade Palace* Chinese food sounds like it would hit the spot.

Tonight I clean the kitchen. Yes, that will be fun. For any of you that recieved comments from me last night, I was silly drunk.. and when I am drunk.. comments are sort of moot and probably terribly amusing.
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