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~The funny and a fan-servicey treat~

I forgot I had this...

And the very first milk ad involving my beloved Hyuga Ricdeau.

I need to do a new milk add.. for Chaos and Jin now. That oughta be funny.\

And now for everyone who was amused by those.. I am going to supply you with PORN. Well okay not porn, but fanservice. Fanservice of the girly type. This is a picture from Kannaduki no Miko. Okay so I liked it, because the panty shot is -so- unintentional looking. I like unintentional panty shots. I mean even though it's meant, I like to pretend it's accident and I'm really just being a pervert.

Not work safe.. well okay so it might be Library safe if pimp_kitten can get away with it.

Yes, that is the cutest thing ever.. mmmmmrrr
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