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~Summer in December.. love will just remember~

I would like to think that my day is not going to turn out to be like "World Full of Nothing" by Depeche Mode since that is the first song that came up on my playlist. So we are going to ignore it. I am going to get myself some biscuits and honey (DAMN IT I AM TURNING SOUTHERN) and prep myself mentally for work. I don't think it is going to be crowded since Wednesdays rarely are. A few of my favorite customers won't be in this week. That makes me a bit sad. On the equally bad side, Jeff won't be there, Jean will be there again and Jean.. well let's just say I like Jeff better.

I got rid of the Kyle icon and the Obi-wan icon.. because the Kyle icon was just.. ugh. And Obi-wan.. well I found myself not too satisfied with it myself..not to mention I don't have a Obi-wan muse. *thuds* Now Qui-gon yes, so do I have a Sigurd muse (BUT HE IS HORRIBLY SMALL AND PICKED UPON by me)

And yes, for all of you that wanted to know, in the last post when I was referring to the Valdamar.. it -was- the Herald's of Valdamar. Long live Mercedes Lackey.
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