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~A Note to pimp_kitten~

I finally caved and downloaded "The Ghost of Stephen Foster", the only Squirrel Nut Zippers song that I like. *thuds* I thought you might gloat at that one, Alexi. (Ahahaha I know you'll gloat!)

--- End Note to Alexi ---

Now to finish The Witching Hour, I just discovered Lasher in our house (the book, not the spirit). So I will start on reading that once I finish the Witching Hour. I love how Lasher speaks in conundrums. Oh yes I bought some pledge floor moping stuff for the hardwood floor entryway that we have. I didn't want to use regular mop'nglo on it. *thuds* See I switch subjects like I switch songs on my MP3 player. Yes I am random. X_x
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