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~The days are gone and will never come back~

Just a journalistic note.

proftodd is -so- funny on the phone. We had a discussion on who was powering Emperor Cain 'Wizard of Oz' Style. (We both decided it was ChuChu..) It was great, I was so totally loving it. And he has a very cute voice! I can see why Mish thinks him a bundle of cute. He actually does not sound 29 years old. He sounds like 24 or 25. Maybe even younger.

Added note... this icon is craptastic. It didn't come out how I wanted it to be. -_-. Well it's not bad I suppose.. it just has to grow on me.

And I will admit that Sweet Song sort of gives me shivers. I don't really care for the vocalist.. but the intro music that leads into the song.. mmmmm.

One day I will write a Jin x Chaos songfic to it.
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