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~Feelings are good, and other lies~

My favorite part of organizing my massive picture collection from the dungeon that was called "Misc Pics" is that I really like adding pictures to my "Favorites" folders. It now gives me an accurate gauge of my tastes and what I find startlingly beautiful. For anyone on Wirehog. My Favorites folder is where all my favorite images are held, so if you want to, take a looksie. ^_^

Edit: And the more I look through my pictures, the more I am falling for the Oscar and Lumiale pairing.. just like I can now see QUITE clearly Julious and Clavis. I think it is because the duality of light and dark, fire and water that I favor.

Edit 2: Also, am I a sick freak for adding all of the infamous Marimite girls sucking suggestively on dripping popsicles to my "Favorites" folder. Because they are there.. every one. Mmmmmm...

Last Edit of the Day: I would like to introduce you to the best picture of the day. It is Xenogears themed. Sigurd and Hyuga even. *heh's*

Look at Hyuga go! That picture wins at my net for the day.
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