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~A little thing~

Well, today would of been kurohyou's birthday. And I just wanted to let everyone know, that even though she really has no need of mortal birthday's. I am still thinking of her.. and hoping that she is having a good one wherever she is. I mean, it seems a bit useless to celebrate someone's birthday since it is but a mark of life.. but hey many people celebrate Hyde's birthday, Elvis's birthday, all that thing.. and the song that just came on automatically.. was this song. Is it an omen?

Oh gods, now I am crying.

I was actually listening to Wild Arm 3 Advanced Wind.

Now without you here,
The sky turned a new shade of clear
A new rain of tears
And without you here..
My body's a lonely frontier
An ocean of fears."

That this song could come on randomly out of nearly 3000 songs. At this moment that I am posting Happy Birthday to kurohyou... one of the most meaningful songs to us came on. Well Kuro. Happy birthday.
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