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Highlights/Rants of the Day

1.) The new girl at Pizza Etc. She seriously needs to get fast quick, she's been working there 2 weeks and all she does is whine about how there is so much food to make. WELL DUH IT IS A FOOD ESTABLISHMENT. I am not going to hold off the customers from ordering just because she cannot keep up. She seriously was drowning in Taco Shells today. I had no remorse. None. And she didn't help me clean up the huge-ass mess, so we are both even I suppose.

2.) These civilians who are another set of cool guys came in.. and they left me a FIVE DOLLAR TIP. Yes, five dollars. that leads me to believe that I give good service. (hehehehehe... okay pimp_kitten, none of your smart ass comments.). My tip jar is pretty much full since I never check it, I might divest the money from it tomorrow.

3.) Harry Potterverse!Citan has emmerged and he is prodding me to write something about him. He and Hyuga are duking it out for who gets to be Gryffindor and who gets to be Ravenclaw. Jin is pretty much set on Slytherin and there's no changing his mind about it. More on that interesting development later.

4.) Someone pick a number between 1 and 2877. This is for Daily Download purposes. Backup numbers are nice too in case a repeat is picked.

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