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~Why don't I have wings...~

Today is going to be a "Dress" by Buck-Tick sort of day.. since it was the first song that came on my playlist this morning.

Also.. Friday and Saturday, I am going to be spread -terribly- thin, so this afternoon is my resting day so to speak. Tomorrow I work the two jobs, and then saturday I work a matinee and a free movie. Before I come home I am going to go stock up on Sweet Tea. (Thank you Uzuki Residence, I am now hooked on Sweet Tea due to my foray into the south. It's like a sickness doused in sugar).

TCBY has good frozen yogurt in waffle cones. I am going to get one on the way back from work. Mmmmmm.

I responded to tons of Email, I'm actually quite happy about that. I'll do the Daily Download this evening.. I promise. (Daily Download, Organizing Picture Folder and potentially RPing, Todd Willing)
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