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~When I feel my spirits rise~

Todd and his friend win at my internet today.. just thought I would let him know that.

*heehee* Fei (Abel) being a cute anime girl in white dress straddling a baquette and holding brown rolls and dropping them. HEEHEEHEE.

I really need a sporflefruit Metaquotes.. for all the quotes that happen by my FList. I also need to work on my Bishounen Mood Theme. *heh's* I am inclined to do this in order to make pimp_kitten jealous. He hates how simple his mood theme is.

Things to do Today

1.) Pull some Weeds
2.) Work on Alexi's pimp_kitten's Belldandy Banner (Provided he sends me the information that he wants on it.. he's my heterosexual life partner, he gets priority)
3.) Work on either a.) Kiros icon or 2.) Kyle Rondart icon.
4.) Resist the Song of Nephilheim or Destroy Miltia with Buttsecks. (don't believe you, it wasn't the Realians that caused Miltia to become uninhabitable.. it was Jin and Chaos's buttsecks). (Jin is having a good laugh over that one.). (Todd I expect you to have fun with that one right there..)
5.) Get ready for work. (Eep, I should be doing that right now)
6.) I lied, I don't have a picture for "Full" like I thought, damn Kazuki from KnM. *grrs* So number six is "FIND A PICTURE FOR FULL AND ONE THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE A GUY STUFFING HIS COCK UP ANOTHER GUYS ASS"

OH YES THE ONLY PART ABOUT GUILTY GEAR I DO NOT LIKE IS BRIDGET BECAUSE HE IS NOT REALLY A GUY! (*Refuses to believe that he is anything but a girl pretending to be a guy dressing like a girl*)


Sheesh, I really need to stop channeling Squenix Midori.

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