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~I woke up~

Guilty Gear...

Venom, much like Sigurd and Kiros before him..  I would so hit that.

I can forsee the fact that if Alexi and I were both gay men, we would be fighting over the dark skinned guys. (Hey, I get Urd on Wednesdays!).   But Mr. pimp_kitten had better remember that SIGURD HARCOURT IS MINE TO SCREW IF ONE DAY I MAGICALLY GROW A COCK.  (like that will happen)

I think I pissed off my Hyuga muse... he'll deal, he'll just go running off to Mish's Sigurd muse for comforts and in which point  Sigurd muse will convince him that he will never run off with me (or anyone else for that matter).  

I can see the letter from Jin now. "Dear Hyuga, stop being so fucking needy and possessive.. <3, Jin. and the response, Dear Jin, STFU. All the love in the world, Hyu. People, that's brotherly love -right- there.

But I'd still ht him with a dremel tool if I had one. (Not Jin or Hyuga.. but Sigurd... because let's face it. Jin and Hyuga are not my type)

Ahahaha, pray for the people's joy INDEED!

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