Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,


Somehow, I could click on the middle play button for hours and listen to Inoue Kazuhiko go "Yatta!" *giggles and hides in corner* Have I mentioned how much I love Inoue.

However.. WHERE IS HIS BELLY SHIRT. (*hates these new designs*) He was better when he had the belly shirt.. and looked like a persian/samurai slut. X_x

Edit: And after reading some Tsubasa Reservoir Chronices I have four words to say, Fujitaka and Clow Reed

Messed up pairing, but hell.. that would be hot, two glasses guys going at it with each other. */drool*

Edit 3: It also amuses me that Kyle Rondart is called "The Good Doctor".. divine irony that in the anime, he is voiced by the same person who played "The Good Doctor" in Xenogears. (NEED ICON OF KYLE RONDART PLZ!)
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