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Yes, yousendit kinda sucks today. Like majorly. And here I was having a good day (for the first time in a long time the fates were conspiring to make me cheerful and happy), I am going to go clean out the kitty litter box. *thuds*

And the most beautiful song in Loveless is the Lesbian Song, "Noughts" I could listen to this song forever. Mmmm Kouya and Yamato makes me so incredibly happy.

Oh yes, my birthday is coming up in a month. Around the first of September I will be going through extreme denial that will last until the 9th which my B-day will be.

If anyone wants to do anything for my birthday. Offerings of various favorite couples or characters are very much welcome. So pictures of Citan, Jin, fanfics, fanart.. whatever (if you feel inclined to do something, if you don't.. that's alright. *heh's*). And Alexi won't be around for my birthday so I'm on my own. Moooo...
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