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~Just Squenix ramble...~

Squenix for the last couple of months has sort of been out for me.. however now both Mish and I got an insurgance of wanting to play in Squenix so we are.. and we have been spamming the IC/Character Journals with stuff, probably inside jokes that not alot of people understand, which is all well and good. (The whole Hello Kitty Loli-bait.. yes, that was such an inside joke a few days ago. *snickers*). I am enjoying it and Midori has gotten -alot- of action time. Jin has to make an entry about the bachlor party though. He shall do that in time (preferrably tonight since the Bachlor Party is going to happen sometime next weekend maybe.. it's about time that we fuck things up further for the Uzuki Household).

That's my rant for the day, I am going to get some pants on now and go to work! (Pants = Good)

Mish! Have a safe trip up to Atlanta, alright! *hugs*

Edit: Which reminds me, "Wordplay" by Jason Mraz is the most AWESOME SONG! I could listen to this song forever.. it's like a feast for the mind. *hee's*

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