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~And you try to run, and he gots a gun and he shoots you dead.. and he eats your head~

List of Things to Do Today. *in no particular order*

1.) Xenogears Character FST (Coding and all that)
2.) CLEAN! (I have been lazy and unmotivated for the past week and I know I should clean but I've been like.. MEH.. and the vacuum cleaner is a piece of SHYT!)
3.) Daily Download
4.) Wal-mart for Kitty Litter and some food for tonight.
5.) Call Alexi before he goes to work/library. (He really likes his LJ.. can you tell?)
7.) Read more Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles since it is vastly more interesting then the anime.
8.) WATCH MORE MONSTER (ahahah Johan owns..)
9.) Plead Amanda for another text brush because you know she probably wants to whack me for that right now.

As I get these things done, I -might- cross them out. But then I might not. The first two have more priority over everything else... (that and the trip to Wal-Mart).

You know what is really sad? When I was in work, someone brought in the Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits CD (They have a greatest hits CD? But anyways this was at Pizza Etc because I control the radio/cd player at the movie theater) and I knew the lyrics to MOST of the songs. This gives me great pause. And so I have decided I do not hate Backstreet Boys as much as I used to. I shall let them live... but I won't download any of their songs. X_x.

I think I was a bit mean in my games post at Squenix. BUT I AM NOT THE HEAD MOD ANYMORE SO HAHAHAHAHHA..

Which reminds me, I can continue making my mood theme because I have a picture for "FULL" now. So what if it is a picture of Kazuki from KnM drinking tea.

Edit: I tried to call Alexi, and he was not there.. so he is either talking to some HAWT CHICK or else he is doing what all the cool emo kids are doing, like checking his ELJAY. So I'm going to go to Wal-Mart now.

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