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~We were once young and blessed with wings~

After much prolonging it, I am going into Boise to get Katamari Damancy. W00t. *snickers* I must own that game. It's so much fun. *hums* And I'll be back with chinese food too methinks. I won't be gone very long at all though. Once I get home, I am going to start working on the James Potter icon for selphish and I have a fairly good idea of which one I am going to use. One of them where James looks delightfully half-smirky. (those are always the best). Okay to be fair there were so damn hot Remus pictures in that batch that are begging to be colourized.

So yes, that is me in a nutshell.

Which reminds me, I need to figure out when yatika wants me to come over to her hood to hang out with. I have no clue of schedules or the whatnot.. but I need more lesbian friends in Idaho.. since the only cat of mine that is a lesbian is shaoran.. and gasp, he's not a lesbian.. he is TRANSGENDERED. (while still liking the pussy). He hates me, I am so glad that none of my cats can read my journal, else they would think me retarded. (though I am fairly certain that they do anyways).

I also have to get together with my loli-bait, Jessalyn (aka destry, I promised her a birthday present. I might take her out to eat or something nice like that.

Fun-filled, fun-filled. Now to go and brush out my hair and head out the door.

Rolling up the world, here I come!

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