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~Morning Update~

First before I start off this post, I would like to make a shout out to shuufish who is having her birthday today. I love you little sis.. keep your chin up and remember to enjoy today. It's -your- day. (Fic is emiment.. I am working on it right now).


Secondly there is a boy outside working on my lawn. There is nothing that makes me feel like a true homeowner then a kid outside with a mower pushing it in squares around my lawn. I am giving him twenty bucks since the edges haven't been really tackled in a while. If he does a good job, I shall definitely ask him to come back and do a weekly upkeep of it. I love children, I love when they do indentured slavery in my front yard. (Okay so I bought him McDonald's this morning because I was nice..)


I had wierd dreams.. all of them involving lesbians. First there was this discussion of the Butch and Femme stereotype, making a whole lot of sense in my mind while I was sleeping, and then there was this older woman who was a lesbian who once I found out she was a lesbian, I went to her for guidance. I know that is what I need. I need an older woman lesbian to talk to and mentor me somewhat... because the conversation we had in my dream was really insightful.. in the dream she also told me that I was masculine without sacrificing my femmininity.. that was a really wierd thing to say, but upon making it does make sense. (combs through my hair)


Also in case anyone missed it and wants a wire hog account.

Anyone who wants a wirehog account, I just found out that it's an invite only thing.. so anyone who wants one.. respond to this post with your email alright! (For anyone who doesn't know, wirehog allows you to share files with all of your friends, music.. pictures..anything you make available.. and likewise you can leech off your friends)

Link to Wirehog.

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