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Dear Jin,

It is just hair. Get over it alrieady.

-The Management

Okay so I submitted and got a trim. I also got bangs and tapers off to the side of my head. Theoretically it looks more like Jin now then it did.. aside from the bangs that are reminiscent of Citan's. And the tapers are not as long as Jin's. So yes, I got two inches whacked off, and my hair feels better for it. No more end splits or the whatnot. So yes, I am very happy. *v for victory sign*

That was a very lame update, I realize this. No substance or anything interesting. Now to download more Deathcab for Cutie.


Oh yes, and work on Mish's B-day present.. *loops a song*


BTW if anyone has Wirehog. My username is 'hyuga' so add me! Then you can get into my files (and music and pictures). If you don't have it.. go to the link.
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