Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

My Titles! Ph33r me!!

9 is my lucky number so here is the sacred holy Nine Titles of Nia.. You must worship me! *zombie noises here*

Viscountess of Death, Nia Renee Westphal
Queen of Elvis Impersonators, Nia Renee Westphal, the Third
Czarina of Cannibalistic Rituals to the Glory of Don Pardo, Mrs. Nia Renee Westphal
Minor Priestess Emeritus of Porno Web Sites, Nia Renee Westphal
Mecha-Slum Lord of The Jupiter Bank and Trust, Nia Renee Westphal, The Valiant
Goddess-In-Training of Telepathic Snow Dolphins, Se�ora Nia Renee Westphal, Pooky Butt
Priestess of The Right Side of Drunk Driving, Nia Westphal
Queen of Procrastination, Nia Renee Westphal (that works! *ahee's*)
Contessa of Britney Spears Look-Alikes, Nia Westphal

*Can't resist.. gets even numbered*

Sheriff of The Slippery Banana Peel Appreciation Society, Nia Renee Westphal

Get your own titles here! Don't steal mine!

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