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~Here is excerpted quotes from my soulmate, Jesse aka mamorunooni~

My Last Duty: OMG. I forgot the name of that dude in Xenogears that says that line "Doth thou desire the power?"

.. and I also forgot his entire line when he says that *cries*
Geisha Memorias: GRAPF
My Last Duty: GRAHF *dies* I need to play Xenogears again in a bad way.
Geisha Memorias: Jesse even
My Last Duty: Where can I find the entire quote?
Geisha Memorias: I just called you Jesiah.. ahaha
My Last Duty: *BOL*\
My Last Duty: I KNOW!
Geisha Memorias: http://www.xgam.org/xenogears/script/
Geisha Memorias: There, the entire-fucking script..
Geisha Memorias: *hee's*
My Last Duty: THANK YOU! *nabs*
My Last Duty: If I'm Jesiah, you're CitaNia. This I have decided.
Geisha Memorias: Because you sure as hell are not Sigurd.. cuz he is teh ghey.. and you are not Kahr because you have more balls in your pinky then he does in his entire body
Geisha Memorias: YAY JESIAH!
My Last Duty: Totally Jesiah. The fucker SHOT HIMSELF OUT OF A GUN. That's huevos.
Geisha Memorias: I know.. here Jesiah, have yourself a beer!
My Last Duty: Hooray beer~!
Geisha Memorias: And do not blame me if you are unable to will up the motivational instincts in order to achieve top and maxinum marks upon your examination due to a minor swelling of the brain cells the morning after. (Translation: Don't blame me for fucking up your test due to a hangover, you loser)
Geisha Memorias: Yay I did Citan speak!
My Last Duty: Bah! I can outshoot the @#*$ out of anyone when I'm drunk, damn you.
My Last Duty: And I just did Jesiah speak!
Geisha Memorias: STFU
Geisha Memorias: That is Citan when logic fails...
My Last Duty: =P
Geisha Memorias: That is Jesiah-speak when brain-cells fail..
Geisha Memorias: FROM TOO MUCH BOOZE!
My Last Duty: *Fires himself at you from his Gun Gear, whateverthefuckitscalled*
Geisha Memorias: *launches Sigurd's ghey porn at you*
Geisha Memorias: *they should roughly equal each other out*
My Last Duty: dude, totally.
Geisha Memorias: Jesiah's Gun = Sigurd's Ghey Porn
Geisha Memorias: Imagine the damage if Citan were to throw in his pansy hair flip?
Geisha Memorias: It would be the Super Flaming Double Tag Team Bukkake Tech!
Geisha Memorias: I guess that is why Sigurd is not a playable character...
My Last Duty: Citan and Sigurd destroy the world with pr0n.
Geisha Memorias: While I run off with Yui.. *Shifty*
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