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~Personalized Impressions on Harry Potter~

1.) Snape.. well I know there is a good reason for what he did. I do not believe that he is truly evil. That would be -way- too convenient for J.K Rowling (has she ever been convenient?). But I'm not inclined to like him very much after he offed Dumbledore.. so I am going to take my Lupin plushie and sit over there in a corner.
2.) I liked Harry, he developed a backbone, he got rid of his emo. Go Harry! We <3 You.
3.) Yes Dumbledore bit the dust.. that makes Harry completely alone for the next book. I recall me and alk had this conversation where she insisted that nothing could happen to Dumbledore and that he could not die because he was a main character. I spent like 2 hours arguing her into the ground and trying to prove her wrong. Two years later, I am proven right. And even though she is past her Harry Potter phase, does it make the victory any less sweeter? Of course not. I loved Dumbledore, but the allure to my Scorpio mind of being right makes up for such a tragic death.
4.) I don't know what to think about Voldermort. Though I am fairly certain that the final Horcrux -is- Harry. I thought it when I thought back to the prophecy. While one lives.. the other one cannot die which makes a whole lot of sense now considering the nature of Horcruxes.
5.) The mirror that Sirius gave Harry still has to factor somewhere in the next book. She said that there was a purpose for everything and the mirror has not been explained but she said it would factor in eventual.
6.) R.A.B... Regulus Black of course. As someone on my friend's list said.. Sirius would be proud.

I am not as wordy as other people, I feel other people have done it for me. Both pimp_kitten and I share the same theories, we were only on the phone for awhile talking about it.

So now comes the two year wait for the next book. GO US!

O-T for this post: Thank you hemisphere for sending me the Yasunori Mitsuda CD. The music is gorgeous.

Edit: Mish and I are talking about Harry Potter/Xenogears archetypes.

James Potter: Jesiah Blanche
Sirius Black: Sigurd Harcourt
Remus Lupin: Hyuga Ricdeau
Peter Pettigrew: Kahran Ramsus

Severus Snape: Bishop Stone.

Does this make Billy, Harry Potter. OHEEMGEE.

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