Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

I finished it.

All I have to say is. 1.) I was right. and 2.) OH. FUCK

Lupin and Tonks. I can't say that I was surprised -however- granted if I like a female character, the shipping and pairing does not matter.. it will not certainly bother me. Because 1.) there was not a definite date given for their falling in love. 2.) The there is one woman for Hyuga as there is one man for Hyuga applies in this situation. I am okay with Lupin and Tonks, but I favor Lupin and Sirius with Tonks on the side. 3.) I will not bash Tonks (because I like her very much) however I am not going to just go out and read every Lupin/Tonks fic out there. I believe that after Sirius died, he would of wanted Lupin to be happy. And Lupin needed to find someone, I am glad it was Tonks..

But I -am- very happy for Harry/Ginny hints, that is the ship I have been pulling with Harry for all along. I just hope that their relationship level gets deeper... I see alot of Lily in Ginny.

Ron and Hermione.. they should just snog.

Draco x Kreacher.. OTP!

I will have a much more detailed one in the morning. But I am le tired. *thuds and blinkies* I should of gone to bed, but I didn't because after a certain point.. I COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN.
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