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You know I was going to respond to that, but then I am like. "WHY BOTHER SO I WON"T!" however I'm not preventing any of you from doing it. I think it's cute and sweet in an anonymous and stalker-y way.

Also..funny story.


I was driving to the base because I had work this morning. I drive up to the main gate to get my ID checked and there is this truck in front of me. The security guard at the gate is motioning frantically and the truck ends up going around the turn and heading back out toward Air Base Road. The Security Guard is laughing as I drive up and roll down my window to show my ID. What does the security guard say?

"He was looking for Salt Lake City..."

I just about lost it laughing. Yeah, that city is a little to the -left-.. and oh, 250 - 300 miles. That was my funny happiness for the day. I laughed all the way to Pizza Etc. And I didn't stop laughing until I had pulled into my parking space.


I am pondering icons once again. But maybe not. I don't know.


Edit: I LIVE! (after 6 hours of netlessness). And what do I have to show for it? *drumrolls*

My NIFTY new icon!

The words just jumped out at me. *hehehe* I think I may get either 1.) lauded or 2.) smacked for this icon. We shall see which.
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