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~As we become shadows of ourselves~

I dreamt of a kiss last night. It was kinda nice. *_*

I also got a green butterfly cellphone froo-froo thing. So now my cell phone is decked out in Hyuga and Citan's favorite colours. Jin feels left out, then I reminded him of the hawaiian shirts, and then he shut up.

Tonight we watch "Team America" *heh's* and that will be a joyful occasion. Tomorrow we are going to go to Six Flags over Atlanta. *crosses fingers* Hopefully. I promise that when I get home on saturday I -will- update like woah. (The update will be long). But until then, well.. whatever. *hee's*

I have had such a good time, the Uzuki Residence is wonderful. I don't wanna leave. *sniffles*

Oh yes, Sayid from LOST is hot. I want him. As Emily said, he is like Hyuga and Sigurd had a baby. *snickers*
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