Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

~Booyaka.. I slept a long time~

Last night I saw the end of Xenosaga II. (Okay so the Uzuki household offered to beat it for me and I was like, "Sure!") And I got to see more of my Jin-ness. I whooped when Jin joined the crew of the Elsa, and the end.. the end. The White Testament. I just utterly fucking lost it. >.<; My Jin muse was like, "...*smug*", and it always disturbs me when he is smug and/or with-holding information from me.

My muses have returned to me. Hyuga was very much exhausted and is right now passed out. Somehow that always affects him the most. Citan, well Citan is reading right now and being very calm. As usual Jin is front and center with his remarks, it's really quite lovely.

Oh yes the best ever. darth_gigee, that's my cat.. yes it is. *giggles* I love her, she is so grumpy and vindictive but CUTE!
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