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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"Cause I'll be lighting fires for you.."

~I'm there in the Light when you need me~

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~Many different faces, many bodies walking by..~
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered
So anyways.. last night in my dreams. Todd and Mish had sex. I and the muses have been scarred. I because well this is Mish, this is a person I have declared my sister. Secondly because it's HETEROSEXUAL SEX. (that I think is what scarred my muses the most.. except for Jin who was like. "Whoohoo.. somebody's getting it on.")

Though to be fair, there was a really nice part in the dream where me and Mish just talked.. so I wouldn't of given that part of the dream up for anyone.. but then I think Todd's brainwaves intercepted my sleep and dreams and ahahaha.. HET SEX. *woot*

It made Baby Sigurd cry.. (and me too)

I need a stiff buzz of caffiene.. and pants.. definitely pants. (Pants make it all better.)

Someone intercept my dreams and give me lesbian sex please! *puppy eyes*

Though I will not scoff at two cocks and an ass. -o- (that is nothing to scoff at, not at all...)

Edit: And just for clarification, I have nothing against heterosexual sex, I only have qualms when it starts happening in my mind. >.

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nooooooooooooo! no pants for you!

*grabs my pants* YES PANTS DAMN IT!

you mean het ppl have sex? GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Ahahahaha.. I love you. *grins* Hey they can fornicate all they want.. JUST STAY OUT OF MY MIND WHILE THEY ARE DOING IT PLZ!

*offers a massive orgy in your honor*

*firm nods* The Nia is Pleased. *hee's*

(Deleted comment)
I'll be happy to loan you my cock for a day or two. Just let me borrow your breasts, and we'll call it even ;)

(Deleted comment)
*blink blink* I'm sorry... I mean really sorry...

*offers pleasant dreams that involve Sigurd, Hyuga and some honey*

It's tragic, how my dreams work.
Once I make the realization that I'm dreaming, I run about screaming, "QUICK, SOMEONE HAVE SEX WITH ME BEFORE I WAKE UP!!"
Sadly, I've still yet to get laid in my dreams.
Even when it's dramatically romantic or something.
*sniffle sob*

It touches my heart deeply that you dream about mish and I having hot sex. Very few other friend have unconscious wishes for us to be doing it. I imagine that most people who know us both spend alot of unconscious energy trying to imagine us not ever having sex. I am honored to be the man of dreams who fucks your sister and doesn't even have a guy giving me a rim job.
I still really want to know what I look like in your dreams though.
This really wasn't one of mine though. I dream of sex with mish alot but it hardly ever starts out that way. They often end that way but there is little reason to fantasise about something you are getting. Perhaps its because we are apart right now. Perhaps it was sigurd who created the images. Sigurd, Hyu, and Jinn have all been conspiring against you to through them a little vaginal action. They figure they will start with Mish and I and hope they can get you to creat some fly hunneys for them to get it on with. Here is my counter plan. The next time they are feeding you these images go to Jinn and make him surrender His sister to me. tell him. If todd gets to fornicate with my sister than he should also get to fornicate with your sister. Then Mish is free to go lick on Margie and your muses are forced back into a circle jerk with each other. Shion and I will go back into my imagination and you will be breeder free until the next great schism.
Everybodys happy.

Oh Todd, if I were a straight woman.. *dies*

O.. and
Unhappy frog finds a purple miniskirt that just barely covers the bottom of crotch level if you stand really strait and don't move and manages to replace the missing pants. Oddly the skirt replaces the pac man boxers with a lighter shade purple bikini cut panty with lace around the legs and a mr and mrs pac man on each cheek.

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