Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Okay so maybe I am a little jealous that I didn't get to meet any online friends. -however- that is alright, I don't mind because I know that eventually I will meet people. Just not yet. I am eager to meet Jesse, Kat, Angue, Viv and Jaesyn.. and then after that who knows what may come. (Oh yes, Angue! *hee's* I -can- come to see you in Las Vegas! *ahee's* Alexi gave me his blessing and he said he would stay at home for it.. course I am not sure I want him to do that but well I dunno. *blahs and hugs* *ahee's* Las Vegas.. whee! *giggles*

I had really wierd dreams involving Van. I know it is trippy however I think it was because I was looking at the disneyland pictures and I saw him (And I thought he was really cute with purple hair) and then it carried over into dreamland.. cept it was a really wierd dream, how I kept saying how Awesome Van was and it involved Livejournal and something else.. and in the dream I adopted a cute little japanese boy and I picked up the green fairy book to read to him, Oh yeah I was traveling back to America and I kept picking up quite a few books to buy and read.. one was my myths of myths.. and it listed the Myth that Garnet from FFX was the prophetess of death.. *snickers* Along with something about Hobbits (which I vaugely forgot) and of course they were myths. Alexi wasn't in this dream unfortunately. *blaaah's*

When I get home I am going to burrow myself under covers and never never emerge.. *falls over* Gonna get all warm and snuggly.. Oh yeah, my grandmother's birthday on March 9th is approaching.

I have never been alone for her birthday.. *sighs* I get sad.. I got sad last year. I was very lethargic all day, didn't want to get out of bed, Alexi was worried.. course I might just stay in bed all of the 9th, unless Tony knocks on my door to take me someplace fun.. he said he might take me paintballing with Shawn and Nico.. how fun!

Anyways 6 days and counting.. *moos*

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