Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

Let kun: So, I want to be present when Rosa Omeiensis explains my Bouton what... bukkake is
orenjiipacific: hi! ano paati
Geisha Memorias: AHAHAHAHAHA
orenjiipacific: oh she wrote that and i... i dont know
shower of snow: ...*tries not to snicker a bit*
orenjiipacific: i dont know what shes thinking LOL
Let kun: *sips calmly into her cup of tea* Proceed.
Let kun: *offers one to Rosa Omeiensis en Bouton*
Geisha Memorias: Well.. bukkake is.. *dies laughing in between explaining* It's a bunch of people, that want to frost a person..
orenjiipacific: *cheeks poof* o'.'o; thank you onee-sama
shower of snow: *takes it* Thank you ^^
orenjiipacific: ano @_@
orenjiipacific: frost?
Geisha Memorias: Except NO FROSTING IS AVAILABLE!
Let kun: *COUGH*
Geisha Memorias: So they have to do things more naturally.
shower of snow: *Is seen trying to keep quiet while her Oneesama explains, but is having a hard time and stifles giggles once in awhile*
orenjiipacific: oh gosh
Geisha Memorias: So evidentally it is the not so tasty alternative to cinnamon roll frosting.
Geisha Memorias: Though I've heard gay men say they like it alot.
Geisha Memorias: Bukakke is something men invented because they were bored and wanted something to do that didn't involve smashing each other's faces with mud

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