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~More Xenogears FST rambling~

I got most of the character songs for the Xenogears FST done with the exception of Chu-Chu's song. And I am laughing because ALL of the songs that are occuring to be are cheesy eurodance/disco songs. *is busting a gut* This is great.

I have alot of prejudices in Xenogears. We all know this. But Xenogears was a beauty even in canon. And my love for this game knows absolutely no bounds... even what happens canon. (I love Citan x Yui and Fei x Elly.. just in case anyone accuses me of not. The canon relationships are -very- beautiful and magical.). (Though to be fair.. in my mind... Hyuga and Sigurd are -just- as canon.. I mean the subtext for Hyuga and Sigurd is astronomical..)

Once again, I am going to -try- to figure out a song for Chu-Chu. *giggling*

And Krelian.. but wait I already have a song for Krelian.
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