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~Xenosaga II AMV: Minor Earth, Major Sky~

Well mishakel's husband, proftodd actually made a damn good AMV and I have nothing but absolute love for it. So I decided I would share it with you all. It is of course Xenosaga II (why else would I be fangirling it to high heaven?). And it has JIN in it. *giggles* But really as far as AMVs go, the music matches up perfectly.. and well if you like it.. post your comment here.. just a little something to feed the ego of the creator.

It is also using A-ha music which is also a very big YES for me.


AMV: Minor Earth, Major Sky by UNHAPPY FROG Productions (proftodd)
Series: Xenosaga II.

-Remember.. if you watch it.. comment and give feedback. The author really wants some! ^_^
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