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~I have nothing interesting to write~


Wow, that just.. I have no words. According to this particular research group, I am one of the top 100 users if LJ. Thank you reunion for pointing this out to me. >.<.

Well I -do- have alot of connections, but still... Rank 13.. just wow.

*gets out my microphone* I would like to thank my stuffed monkey and I would love to thank the massive volumes of buttsecksYAOI that I read, and I would love to thank Inoue Kazuhiko for giving me a kick in the ass when I needed it. (AND SPAMMING ME THE H0!). I would also like to thank Emperor Cain for teaching me how to feel pretty. *titters*

Okay, it's definitely time for work, I can tell.. jump starting myself into happy time.

We are fighting dreamers!

My ego is stroked and hard. It might burst when I come back home today. (Oh yes.. today is the DOUBLE TEAM JOB.. both movie theater -and- sports bar. HURRAH)
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