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~You said you'd die for me~

Well my term here is almost up and boy am I glad. I am soon going to be on the single digits of when I am getting out of here. *sigh of relief* Believe me it has been an interesting long haul and probably a great test of patience for a variety of reasons. But now all I must do is wait for my replacements and then I am on that plane, and it is hasta la vista to the middle easta.. *snickers*

Many positive things have happened to me while I have been here. I -should- list them just because I have nothing better to do. *meep* Well the first positive thing.. I became better friends with Angue.. we were on speaking terms before I left.. cordial terms.. however through email while I was here we bared our hearts to each other. I am sure me and Angue will be good friends for a long time... course she has learned what a reprehensible rake I am.. *snickers*

I have become better friends with Kat, my own dear Jesse's love. Perhaps I was just a little bit hesitant to make friends with Kat at first because she was so close to Mel (just like I was very close to Laura.. hence her hesitation.) but hey we managed to cross those barriers and become friends. *heh's*

Next thing, Magus and Corrine live! *heh's* After they had been holed up in my subconscious for so long, they are finally back which makes me happy... the dream couple.. my dream couple.. *hee's* Of course having them around brings back Setzer (who is annoying) but hell, I don't have to deal with him, only Anton! *snickergiggles* I have also written 8 chapters on their novel. *cheers*

I listened to alot of CDs that I normally wouldn't. I discovered "Johnny Hates Jazz", I discovered "When in Rome" and I have discovered "Breathe's" CD, "Peace of Mind" which reaffirms the belief that I love 80s pop/love ballads. Oh yeah.. I LOVE STING!

I learned to tolerate many different people, and I even blew up at a couple of them. I learned how utterly ridiculous I sound cursing and I also learned that shy innocent Michahah Damiens are anything -but-! I watched the Talented Mr. Ripley and "America's Sweethearts", "The Gift" and "American Pie 2" and I discovered just how fine I thought Jack Davenport was! *drools*

I finished the Harry Potter books (to this point), I finished the Hobbit and Fellowship of the Rings. (I am reading the Two Towers now.. hurray for ENTs!) I wrote an Utena songfic which I have to HTMLize and upload to fanfiction.net *heh's* I discovered that I am much better at songfics then anything else in fact.

I learned to stand on my own two feet and be independant away from Alexi, to function emotionally and mentally (*has a tendancy to become dependant*) apart from him. In fact me and his love has grown stronger on a whole, we had our arguments but we weathered them and walked hand in hand away from them, the glue between our hearts strenghtening.

I was able to give Mel up completely.. There was something there that I had realized hadn't completely gone, part of my soul that she had kept.. it was released over the debacle between her and Angue when I realized that the woman that I had loved had disappeared completely and hence had no more hold over me. I wrote her one final missive and then I was released.

Schala came back to live.. (once again.. *groans*) and I realized that I -can't- kill her off.. to kill her off would be to kill me off.. so this time she is staying. I am not going to kill her off, I am going to treasure her as one of my Cs, Elementals be damned! *blahs* I even remodeled Chloe.. to fit in the Baund RP. (Difficult since the old Chloe had been so developed.)

I even learned to RP with more people then previously! (I used to RP only with Viv, Mari and Lynn.. and Jesse when he decided he wanted to play wif me) But now I am playing with Angue, Mihrage, Alex, Kara, even me and Pip played (which I have to say I enjoyed thouroughly.. THANKS PIP!!! (*has to say that*)

And yes my hentai mind has grown.. Nia is a great big pervert! *heh's* I have even shocked Angue with what I have said.. I think.. *snickers and ducks head* But then I have gone without sex for 8 months.. 9 exactly when Alexi next sees me.. *hehs* So, joy for me! *throws confetti*

And that was the first installment of "Memories of Al Udeid" *heh's*

"But don't let it end this way.."

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