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~When you got that smile on your face, that look in your eyes~

I finally prevailed in the men's section of Wal-mart.

Long ago I stopped shopping in the women's section, because it is filled with too much vestiges of femininity that do not appeal to me. However my main lament is that the men's jeans are never long enough, however finally I have prevailed in the battle between waist and inseam.. and I have jeans that are not insanely highwater! HURRAH! And I got some new hawaiian shirts. (Summer time staple for me along with black t-shirts)

Jin picked out this insane hawaiian shirt that has tons of pineapple and reds and oranges. Hyuga picked out a few as well.. tehy are vastly different from each other. I also had to get a new MP3 player and I got shampoo, soaps and all that stuff for the trip. (I had to restock anyways. I am packing light enough so that I may have room for doujinshi and data disks. I am going to share all of my music with the Uzuki Residence and vice versa.). Everyone will profit from this trip methinks.

Now I have to do some house cleaning. However I got cleaning supplies too so I shall prevail (once again).

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