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~I think I do my best work when it involves colouring~

I love turning manga pictures into colourized icons. I think that is the type of icon work I love best. For example, I just finished a set for both Mish and I. Involving Hyuga and Sigurd.

1. Before - | After -

2. Before - | After -

There is something very relaxing about it.. especiall that type of detail in an icon. Not to mention, well colouring is fun and I never quite got over kindergarten methinks.

Ah, now I bask in my own creativity. *basks* It eases my mind a bit.

Edit: Which reminds me.. Purple and Green are exact opposites on the colour wheel.. and yet they are very complimentary to each other. It is very fitting in my mind of the Sigurd/Hyuga dynamic.

Edit2: Did I mention the doujinshi this comes from is VERY dirty. I had a fucking nose bleed. *snickers* I sincerely thank shuufish for the scans.
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