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~The one who survives has been making the lives of other's worthwhile~

Well, yesterday I did not want to post anything on my journal that was.. well dealing with anything but Kuro. I sort of wanted her to have a day where the post was just centered around her. I have been coming terms with it myself, but that will not be but a long time in coming. It is a part of life. Things come and go. I did an icon in her memory, I read some Yami no Matsuei with the thought that Muraki was her favorite character, and yes.. it was just a somber day. I talked on the phone with Mish, Michelle and EK.

I had to inform EK as well, since EK was a very important person to her, her art sensei. I also know that she was involved in some RPs with bakura so I alerted her as well. Even though she started talking to her after we broke up, I never lost awarance of Kuro's presence online. I guess that made me a stalker, but I guess I was just sort of watching from afar. Everyone who needed or wanted to know I have told. Yesterday was a day of introspection for me and what came from that introspection? I have decided to make a tribute page to Kuro.

So anyone who wants to do any art or fic pieces for her, contact me. I am planning on writing a fic and EK is going to do art. I will probably do the page in my mediocrity web page skills. *Unless someone wants to volunteer to do the HTML for it* I think it is something that we can work on collectively as a group to show that Kuro -did- make an impression on us all. So any volunteers?

If any of you were friends of Kuro's.. I want you to post the idea on your journal as well so that I can get a broader list of contributors perhaps. I know I have alot of friends of Kuro's on my list.. but then there are alot of her friends that I wasn't friends with. So anyways that is my idea for the day.


I guess I should speak of something else as well. Well, as you know I did not do the daily download for saturday, I just did not feel like polling and the whatnot. After I found out that "Small of Two Pieces" was playing when she was found, well that causes me to think really deeply upon that song. That and Eternity ~Memories of Wave and Light~. So no music methinks until at least around Tuesday. I am sorry everyone. (at least for the people who like the journal the most for the music). Work, yes I can talk about work.

Work was fun per usual. As much fun as you get as you see 12 year old girls walk in with racooon make-up on. I wanted to haul them off and dunk them in water. I just don't get the overwhelming need for make-up. But what was funny is the fact that it was a scary movie and so they were trailing in and out of the movie theater (I.E whenever a really horrific part came on). I mocked them. (Because I am a meanie).

Yami no Matsuei was read and man it is wierd when I read a manga and I judge it based solely on how good the icons from it would look. I still need to work on a Tatsumi icon for xandria since Tatsumi is one of her favorite characters aside from Muraki methinks. And I did finish the Sigurd icon for Mish, because she was lamenting a few weeks ago on her complete and utter lack of Sigurd in her iconage. I was tempted to take the icon for myself.. but I decided not to.

Well that is my post for today, longer then what I usually allow myself. I guess you can say that the more I am even vaugely troubled, the more I write on a journal post. It is like I am trying to.. validate myself. Oh well I digress. Enjoy your days everyone.. and happy father's day.

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