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~Current Characters I am playing Now~

Chloe Straughime - Baund RP - Past, very fiesty and tomboyish little girl with a perchance for potions and poisons. Present, a stoic and extremely acerbic young woman who has overtaken the family business and likes to hole herself away. What caused the change in character? I am thinking something did but eventually the memories will come to Chloe and me.

Mitch and Troy Etaine - Troy is a pianist, living in his manor at Destiny six months out of the year and touring the other six. He is somewhat spoiled and has a rich guy syndrome, and he has a taste for the melodramatic. He is sickly.. or is it in his imagination? Mitch is Troy's twin brother and he is a musician as well except he plays in a popular group in Destiny, less traditional and is confident in his masculinity, wearing make-up and acting feminine. He is very philosophical and enjoys his private time.

Seraphic Intentions aka Sephiroth</bold> - Final Fantasy 7.. *heh's* Well respected soldier of ShinRa, admired among peers and everyone else. He isn't afraid to joke around with his subordinates however there lies another side to him as well.. one which he doesn't want to admit, even to himself.

Allaine De'Shayde - A newly made vampire that had recently been released into civilization but with no idea of how to control his powers, very confused and unsure.. maybe even a bit senstive to what others around him thinks.

Wow, I have my work cut out for me.

However saturday is scheduled for Angue. Tomorrow night will more then likely belong to Alexi.. and as for Sunday.. a Baund RP would probably be nice, or an RP with Mari.. *thinks* I dunno though.. it all depends. *hee's*

I am actually RPing more now.. who woulda thunk!

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