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2697 - "Don't Call" by Origa (reynard_fox). Very sad and beautiful sounding.. Glam!Hyu approves
2698 - "Coin-Operated Boy" by Dresden Dolls. (miang) Okay.. that was too much about how I consider my muses.. so I had to keep it.
2699 - "Whispers from the Mirror" by Keiko Matsui (I just love the crystal clear piano notes of this.. it is gorgeous. (Sent by kohakutenshi)
2700 - "I Am" by Michael Tolcher (WINNER: _areulistening_)

So _areulistening_ gets to request any drabble she wants. (*prods* Like Loveless..). Of course shuufish can pass the message on to her.

This is the first time I've had brandy in a while.. it makes me feel very masculine and rakish.. but it also gives me a headache if I am not careful.. so the muses have firmly told me that I am not allowed to drink anymore. X_x; At least not tonight.. Oiya.
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