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~Sara.. sara. Storms are a brewin' in your eyes~

Well my favorite (hahah) troll is at it again. (0____pedophiles) Of course what to I do about it, rejoice that the ban was lifted and prepare myself for being banned again. I find it amusing that this one rather prevalant supporter of him, Pezking whatever his name is (I don't know because he's small fry.. *shrugs*) is like, "AHAHA YOU TAKE EVERYTHING SERIOUSLY... you FANDUMBS. I gave him what he wanted, a spar war, but he never responded back to my last jibe, so I'm thinking I struck a bit below the belt with his blatant masculinity. (Don't let the lesbian pwn you alright ^_~). But the fact that he called me immature for my choice of wank materials. (and the fact that I mod yaoi_smut_fics ~And by mod, I mean that in the loosest sense~ )

Do I take anything seriously online? Of course not. Ahahaha whatever.. There is nothing on the net to be taken seriously whatsoever. (All I have known, I learned from 4chan). Life is too short to be hindered by what appears to you on a screen.

Oh, and why did I get another rather sorrowful idea for the Glam!RP. All inspired from the song, "Sarah" by Jefferson Starship. Hyuga really likes that song, especially with the words. "I'll never find another girl like you.. for happy endings it takes two. We're fire and ice.. our dreams won't come true".

I am thinking that this song is the song of the day. *heh's* Or rather the song of the moment.

I am thinking of how the 70s could be dragged into the 80s.. since I adore the 80s music scene as well. *kerthuds*

Anyways off to work, can't pester around too much.

"No time is a good time for goodbyes.."
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