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~3rd Chapter of Chinstubu Upped over at snarky_yaoi~

That was my morning mission...(aside from returning Mish's posts this morning). Since there is a great demand for me to post the zips for it. Of course once again, credit does not go to me for scanlating it or even putting up the zips originally... that all goes to zehavit_lamasu and her absinthe drinking soul.

Is it any surprise that I have an Iwabuchi muse in my head? Of course granted that I also have an Iwabuchi penis muse.. well you know.. -_-; That just sort of disturbs me to no end. (but it makes my mind a fun hood to hang in..

Grimmer in my head and Iwabuchi is fighting for the next icon in my mind.. I think Iwabuchi might win.. >.< Since I have the scans at the ready.
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