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Title: Beginning Dream by Akane Sugazaki (YouSendIt)
Genre: Jpop
You like this Artist/Group, you'll probably like: Hirose Koumi, Hitomi Shimatani, Nana Katase
Comments: I do not download nearly enough girly Jpop for my taste, though I am very picky about my women voices. (or any voices for that matter..) And I liked everything I heard from Akane Sugazaki. This song has a very mellow sound to it, it is not all happy genki pop, but it has a nice beat to it. I am not too much of a fan of uber!happy!crack.. (though I do have instances of it on my playlist. I definitely recommend this. So here is my offering for today, something on the japanese-side of things.. (That isn't sung backwards.)

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Remember if you download, then by all means please comment to tell me you nabbed it, and if by any chance it says that the link expired or is broken, then prod me in comments so that I can re-upload it. *hint: I also like to hear reactions to the songs that you download*

Previous Downloads

Note: I will only re-up those which are on the most current version of the daily download. Once the link disappears, no more re-upping it until the next time it is chosen in a daily download. So be sure to grab all links while they are hot. ^_^

Saturday - Harukanaru Kokyou by Risa Ohki (Final Fantasy Love Will Grow)
Thursday - Aokage by Porno Grafetti
Tuesday - "I've Been Losing You" by A-ha
Saturday - "Little Miss" by Boa.
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